Kühne - A company with history

Ten generations under the motto of fine taste. Today, vinegar dominates Kühne's business. Way back in 1722, a small vinegar brewery was established in Berlin, which was taken over by the Kühne family forty years later. Two generations later, the company‘s name-giver Carl Ernst Wilhelm Kühne took over the vinegar brewery and became the first man to introduce a decisive innovation: The Schützenbach high-speed vinegar production process allowed the small-scale business to expand into a modern industrial production site. Fermentation was achieved on a purely biological basis in enormous oak or pitchpine fermenting vessels. The result impressed even the Prussian royal court. In 1876, His Majesty, King William I, declared Kühne as a royal supplier. Years of expansion followed: New factories, new production methods and new products were the driving forces behind further growth. After the new beginning in 1945, Kühne moved its headquarters to Hamburg. Reconstruction was followed through with determination. And with the right sense of the new times, Kühne transformed into a successful producer of brands.

The brand Kühne

Kühne Wappen

The Kühne family was prepared to face the future as early as 1634. Their coat of arms features a three-leaf clover (and not a four-leaf one) to symbolize you should not rely on luck alone.

In the course of the centuries, the clover evolved into the company‘s trademark, the green Kühne cloud.

Up to this very day, the knight‘s helmet is another important element of that trademark. It stands for reliability, courage, honesty, initiative and fighting spirit.

Still today the success of Kühne is based on these values.

Since 1722 Kühne is producing products with a high degree of quality and an aromatic taste.

This leads Kühne through their business: only products with a high quality are sold.

The colours of Kühne:

The Kühne-logotype is the original signature of Carl Wilhelm Kühne and symbolizes the tradition of the family enterprise.

  • Green symbolizes nativeness and healthiness;
  • Yellow symbolizes freshness and quality.

Innovation as a tradition: Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Introduced as indication that a product has been produced in Germany, the term “Made in Germany” is associated with quality, product reliability and even perfection and enjoys a very good reputation worldwide. The Kühne brand stands for high quality, fresh tasting products, and is one of today’s best known and most popular brands in Germany. The great trust that this premium brand enjoys also brings responsibility: On the basis of the highest quality standards Kühne packaging are only filled with selected ingredients.

Tradition and innovation are hallmarks of the corporate history of Kühne. They can look back at almost 300 years of business, making it one of the oldest family-run companies in the German food industry – and it is still as dynamic as the day it began. Kühne draws its energy from an ideal mix of experience and creativity. As a master of fine taste, Kühne knows how to refine the very best quality. Tradition challenges their innovative power and spurs us on to become even better. 

The tradition makes Kühne dynamic, driving them on to develop their products further and innovate. Key factors for successful development are speed and the ability to succeed in the long-term, above all in fulfilling the customers’ current requirements and creating real added value. Kühne´s future success is based on a responsible approach to human and environmental resources. As a traditional company, Kühne is aware of this responsibility. Kühne’s understanding of its values means it will continue to stand for premium quality in the future. Because premium means long-term added value for all.